Park Rules

The expression "you" refers to the caravan owner/occupier and the expression "we" refers to the park owner.

The rules set out below are the park rules referred to in your booking documents or Licence Agreement. You are reminded that breach of these rules is a breach of your contract with us and may result in the termination of the Licence Agreement or your stay at Honeycott.

Site Licence

All occupiers at the Park must comply with the conditions attached to the site licence, which is on display in the reception.

Your caravan holiday home may not be used as your main residence and we may ask you to provide evidence of your home address.

The park cannot be used as a base from which to travel to and from work on a regular basis.

Permitted number of occupiers

No caravan holiday home or touring caravan/campervan shall be used for sleeping a number of persons greater than the number for which it was designed.

The Season

The Park is open for occupation between 1st March and 2nd January.


The Park is private property and we reserve the right to refuse anyone other than you and those lawfully staying with you permission to enter the Park.

Visitors must leave the Park by 11.00pm.

Traders/contractors must make themselves known at the reception before accessing the park.

It is your responsibility to ensure that visitors to and occupiers of your caravan holiday home or touring caravan/campervan adhere to park rules.

Ejection on grounds of behaviour

We are entitled to eject anyone from the Park who persistently acts in a manner likely to upset or annoy other users of the park or our staff or who is guilty of a criminal offence.

State of the caravan holiday home

The colour of the exterior of the caravan holiday home may not be changed.

A caravan holiday home must be maintained in a state capable of movement but may not be moved off the pitch without our prior consent in writing.

Nothing may be displayed in the windows or on the exterior of the caravan holiday home except its number or a nameplate of a reasonable size.

Storing of items under caravan holiday homes is not permitted.

All caravan holiday homes must have an annual Gas Safe test/service completed by an LPG registered Gas Safe fitter.


It is advisable to leave a key for your caravan holiday home or Seasonal Touring caravan at the park Reception.


Tents are not permitted next to your caravan.

Enclosure of pitches

We do not permit the erection of fences or any means of permanent enclosure of a caravan holiday home pitch.

Building and ground works

Each caravan holiday home is restricted to one external storage container/shed of a type and size which we approve in writing.

We do not permit external structures to be added to caravan holiday homes such as porches.

If you wish to add any external structure to the caravan holiday home such as a verandah or balcony you must first produce plans of the work proposed and obtain permission from the Park Owner. Planning permission may be needed and we may attach reasonable conditions such as requiring an inspection of the work at intervals during the course of construction.

You must not install slabs or paving without first obtaining written permission from the Park Owner.

You are responsible for keeping the area around the caravan holiday home, touring caravan or campervan clean and tidy.

TV aerials or satellite dishes are only permitted with the Park Owners approval.


You must not dig any hole in the ground at the Park.

Trees and shrubs

You are not entitled to cut any trees or hedges at the Park. If you find any tree or hedge a nuisance or unsatisfactory please take the matter up with the Park Owner.


You are not permitted to produce more than 120watts of light pollution (or equivalent low energy wattage) outside your holiday home.

Please respect the privacy of other caravan holiday home and touring caravan owners by turning outside lighting off between the hours of 23.00 and 0800 hours. (This does not include solar powered garden/ornamental lights)

You are permitted to have your outside lighting on PIR sensor controls for security and night time access of your caravan. The light must turn off after a maximum of 2 minutes.

Gas etc installations

All gas, electricity and water connections must be switched off when the caravan holiday home is not occupied.

If you experience any problem with the electrical, gas or water systems please contact the Park Owner and do not attempt to work on the Park electrical, water or gas systems yourself.

Drainage system

Do not introduce any foreign items into the drainage system including cleaning cloths, babies' nappies, sanitary towels, condoms, cooking fat, engine oil; grease or paint.

Chemical toilets used in caravans must be emptied at the chemical disposal point situated in the toilet block.

End of season

It is your responsibility to drain down and prepare the caravan holiday home or Seasonal tourer for the winter.

All gas, electricity and water must be switched off in the winter.

During the closed season the curtains of your caravan holiday home should be drawn back for security purposes and all items of value removed.

We may, subject to a written agreement and payment of a fee, be able to arrange storage of your touring caravan during the period that the park is closed.


Refuse must not be left or deposited outside your caravan holiday home or anywhere around the park. Please use the refuse bins provided.

Dumping of large items or large quantities of rubbish is prohibited.


Washing machines, dishwashers, or tumble driers are not to be installed in caravan holiday homes.

Washing and drying of clothes or footwear is not permitted in the toilet block or washing-up room.

Washing lines may be of the rotary type or the windowsill type only and must be removed and stored inconspicuously immediately after each use.

Rotary washing lines must be sited in a position approved by us because of the risk of damage to mowing equipment.


We permit cars and road registered motorcycles/quads onto the Park for the purposes of access to your caravan/campervan only and they are not to be used to drive around the Park.

All vehicles must conform to the road traffic act and have current tax, MOT and insurance.

Speed should be kept to 5mph and pedestrians and cyclists must be given priority.

Lorries, vans and commercial vehicles of any sort are permitted on the Park only by prior arrangement.

Non-road registered motorcycles/ quads are not permitted on the Park.

Please park considerately on the park and do not drive onto the grass.

Driving/riding between the caravans is not permitted at anytime.

The Park should be treated as a public highway at all times.

Motor vehicle repairs may not be carried out at the Park but a recognised breakdown service may attend in the event of a breakdown.

Only vehicles taxed and insured for use on a public road may be kept at the Park and we will remove any disused or broken down vehicles. The vehicle owner will be charged a removal fee.

All accessories and items towed by vehicles (such as boats and jet skis) must be insured as for use on the public highway.

You are not permitted to give anyone else driving lessons at the Park and we do not permit Learner drivers to drive on the Park.

Washing cars with a hosepipe is not permitted.

Only one car can be parked next to your pitch. Please discuss any additional vehicles you may have coming on the park with the owners.


Please respect the privacy of other caravan holiday home and touring caravan owners and keep noise to a minimum between the hours of 22.00 and 12 midnight with absolute quiet between 12 midnight and 0800 hours.

Barbecues must be finished by 10pm.

Please keep away from any vacant pitches.

Throwing stones on Park is not permitted.

Use of unlawful drugs at the park is a criminal offence and will lead to the termination of the Licence Agreement/stay and notification to the authorities.

Alcoholic drinks may be consumed only in the immediate vicinity of your pitch.

Fireworks, firearms and dangerous weapons are not permitted at the Park.

Any criminal offence, criminal activities, act of vandalism or nuisance are not permitted and may lead to the termination of your Licence Agreement/stay and notification to the authorities.


Dogs must be kept on a short lead at all times on the park and exercised off the park. You must clean up if the animal defecates on the park.

A dog may be banned from the park if the animal is deemed to be a nuisance.


Children are the responsibility of their parents or guardians at all times.

Children are to be supervised at all times so that they are not a nuisance or danger to themselves or others.

Children may not ride bicycles so as to cause a nuisance or undue noise.


No ball games may be played in the vicinity of caravan holiday homes.

Hard ball games are not permitted on site. i.e. cricket with a real cricket ball

Cycling is not permitted between caravans and cars.

Kites must not be flown on the Park.

Fire Precautions

The caravan must be equipped with adequate fire fighting equipment. As a minimum this should be a 1kg fire extinguisher, smoke detector and fire blanket. All equipment must be maintained in a good condition and be in full working order.

It is your responsibility to ensure that all occupants of your caravan holiday home or touring caravan are familiar with the locations of the Fire Points and the contents of the Fire Notice displayed at each point.

Smoking in and around Park buildings (i.e. Reception & toilet block) is not permitted.

No fuels or combustible materials other than LPG containers may be stored on the Park.


All awnings and windbreaks on touring caravans/campervans are left up at the owners risk.

The use of remote controlled vehicles such as cars, motorbikes, aeroplanes, helicopters or drones is not permitted on the park or over it.

The use of generators is not permitted.

Please note that should you wish to extend your stay beyond your booked dates, there is no guarantee that the same pitch will be available.

No refunds can be given if you depart prior to the end of your booked stay, unless you do so as the result of the breach of some obligation on our part, which would justify cancelling your stay.

The details you have provided us with will be used for administration purposes only. Under no circumstances will this information be provided to a third party.

If you have a complaint about anything on the Park please raise it with us immediately.